Quitschi is the name of a Mitshibishi L300 (also known as Delica) offroad camper. He travels with his owner overland through the world. Learn more about their adventures on this page.



The Car



Quitschi is a Mitsubishi L300 2.5TD 4WD offroad camper. The L300 is called Mitsubishi Delica in most parts of the world.


I bought the car in August 2014. The car is from 2001 and had only 85'000 Km. It is the long version, with for wheel drive and a turbo diesel engine. This model is rare and if you find one in good condition buy it!

Well, on the downside: the car is called quitschi, meaning squeaking or better squeaker, because everything was squeaking at the beginning. But I fixed most of this.

Find out how to convert this car into a proper camper. 


The driver



My name is Benno. I'm an Engineer in its mid thirties living in Switzerland. Obviously I love to travel and I'm a petrol head. I like all kind of machinery and I like to build stuff. 




Up north again. To Iceland, with Alexandra and Quitschi. We start on 22. July 2017 and drive to Denmark where we take the ferry to Icland. On the way up there we visit Manfred and Releef.

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Silk Road



This tour took place in Summer 2016: July to September, Ulaanbatar and back.

The tour is organized by off road kangoroo, a German tour operator. This is a self drive tour, everybody drives with his/her own car. The group camps together at night and stays connected during the day through radio. We sleep in the car or a tent and we cook for ourself, or preferably in the group of course.

The route starts in Riga and then we drive through Russia, Kasakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgistan, and Mongolia. This is an amazing tour. 

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Northern Europe Tour



In Summer 2015 I was ready for my first bigger tour: 8000 Km through northern europe in 7 weeks.

I've visited Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, and Czech Republic. That was a lot...

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